[jdom-interest] Memory Usage/CVS

Dan Simon dsimon at compnetco.com
Sat Dec 21 13:47:17 PST 2002

Hey all!

I've been using JDOM for a while now on a fairly large-scale project and
have noted that it uses a fairly excessive amount of memory when parsing
a 1MB XML Document.

I'm using the SAXBuilder to parse the document and typically find JDOM
chewing up about 75MB of memory when it parses a 1MB file.

I've heard that there may be a partial fix for this in the current
source, but it would appear that the cvs server is down.  Which brings
me to my questions ;-)

1.  Can anyone verify that the current source addresses this problem?

2.  Is the CVS server (cvs.jdom.org) actually down, or is it just me?

Thanks in advance!

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