[jdom-interest] Xerxes Parser and JDOM

Pedro ppalomo at hotpop.com
Mon Feb 4 01:09:06 PST 2002

Hi Laurent and Jason¡¡

I have the same problem with  JDOM and Xerces but i don't understand very
well your explanation.

Can you give me an example with directories anda files.

I think the problem is that i don't understand very well whay you try to do.

Thanks and my best regards from Spain.

PD: In my application i have many problems with versions of the same
HAva you a "definitive"..:-) to this problem??

THANKS Again??

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> Hi, Jason,
> IMHO, this is a documentation issue. Whatever we decide must be described
> clearly in the JDOM installation documentation, either to state which JARs
> user needs to include in the classpath to use JDOM or to provide guideline
> how to bundle JDOM with an application or applet, i.e. describe how to
> the manifest to remove Xerces if the application uses another parser or
> another verson of Xerces.
> Both solutions are OK once properly documented.
> To choose, I'd prefer solution a) as I usually try to control the class
> of the application and thus tend to strip all Class-Path entries in
> to avoid version conflicts.
> A typical case is an application that uses Xerces 2.0 with JDOM and Xalan,
> JDOM and Xalan come bundled with different versions of Xerces 1.4 !
> Class-Path entries from third-party software JARs and replacing them by a
> single one in the application main JAR file is a good way to prevent these
> version conflicts.
> Laurent
> Jason Hunter wrote:
> > A couple weeks ago Tobias wrote in complaining that his applet was
> > always trying to fetch xerces.jar from his server while he was using
> > crimson.jar as his parser, and wondered why.  I pointed him at the
> > MANIFEST.MF file.  Seems that was the culprit.
> >
> > So now we have a decision to make.  Do we
> >
> > a) Remove the Class-Path line from the MANIFEST.  Upside:  People who
> > use Crimson won't see two 404 hits.  Downside:  People who use Xerces
> > will have to explicitly include it in the applet tags.  Further
> > downside:  The cool "java -jar jdom.jar" easter egg won't work anymore!
> >
> > b) Keep the Class-Path line.  Upside:  Easy Xerces and cool -jar.
> > Downside:  Two wasted hits.
> >
> > I suspect there may be a third choice, or more upsides/downsides to this
> > issue, so I'm writing to the list to see if anyone else has a thought.
> >
> > -jh-
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