[jdom-interest] JavaOne presentations (flame)

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Mon Feb 11 09:38:35 PST 2002

Frank Sauer wrote:
> Wow, do you work for SUN now? How in the world did you get in
> in the first place? I wish I had to deal with the slide nazis but I have yet
> to meet the first non-SUN JavaOne speaker. Just venting, let's all vent :-)

Ha!  Good question.  The talk actually wasn't accepted at first.  And
you're right, JavaOne is notorious for having dozens of talks about
Sun's favorite new technology (ie JSP taglibs) and missing out on whole
swaths of interesting other technologies (ie Apache Velocity).  Last
year there were at least a dozen JAXP talks.  As if you couldn't
understand all of JAXP in one short talk.  And JDOM was left as an
alternate talk.  This year I had to do a little lobbying after the
initial refusal.  I think it helped that JDOM was a JSR and that I'm
Apache's representative to the JCP Executive Committee.

> P.P.S. Good Luck! and I'll see you at JavaOne (but not as a speaker myself)

Well, you could always join Sun.  :-)


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