[jdom-interest] JavaOne presentations (flame)

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Mon Feb 11 13:08:44 PST 2002

What do you expect when they are the head rats in charge of the cheese. I
think for your talk you should dye your hair pink and wear a t-shirt that
says "Large coporate advertising disguised as a conference still sucks!"


Jason Hunter writes:

> Frank Sauer wrote:
> > Wow, do you work for SUN now? How in the world did you get in
> > in the first place? I wish I had to deal with the slide nazis but I have yet
> > to meet the first non-SUN JavaOne speaker. Just venting, let's all vent :-)
> Ha!  Good question.  The talk actually wasn't accepted at first.  And
> you're right, JavaOne is notorious for having dozens of talks about
> Sun's favorite new technology (ie JSP taglibs) and missing out on whole
> swaths of interesting other technologies (ie Apache Velocity).  Last
> year there were at least a dozen JAXP talks.  As if you couldn't
> understand all of JAXP in one short talk.  And JDOM was left as an
> alternate talk.  This year I had to do a little lobbying after the
> initial refusal.  I think it helped that JDOM was a JSR and that I'm
> Apache's representative to the JCP Executive Committee.

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