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graham glass graham-glass at mindspring.com
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hi there,

one new thing worth mentioning is that EXML+ 4.0, due out in a couple
of weeks, includes native support for DOM. so in addition to the
you now get native DOM compatability.

after releasing EXML+ 4.0, we'll rerun the benchmarks using xerces 2.0
and the latest version of DOM, and update the JDOM benchmark page.

EXML+ 4.0 also includes transparent bidirectional serialization of Java
objects to/from XML, Java persistence using XML, XML document pattern
and many other goodies. it includes the source code for EXML and is free
for most commercial uses.



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I had a look in the mail archives from last year regarding this topic.
Round about March Jason and Graham Glass (from the Mind Electric) did a bit
of mudslinging.


Graham said he would amend his page:


Which he hasn't done.   I'm sure that JDOM has come quite a way in the last
year and this page is even more out of date.   Has anyone done a benchmark?
Are there big differences, apart from the constuction of the XML object? Has
anyone used both and done a pro's and cons?


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