[jdom-interest] JDOM vs electric

Dennis Sosnoski dms at sosnoski.com
Tue Feb 12 09:21:47 PST 2002

Hi Graham,

When you update the page, I'd appreciate it if you'd add a link to my 
benchmarks as well (either that, or at least take out the line about 
being glad to link to other benchmarks).

For more representative results you should also look at doing a couple 
of things differently in your test case. If EXML+ 4.0 still discards 
whitespace sequences (in violation of the XML spec) you should use a 
test document which does not include any extra whitespace. You should 
also use something other than Xerces 1 as the parser for the JDOM test, 
since Xerces 1 shows very poor performance on small documents (Xerces 2 
is better). Finally, you should include dom4j as a comparison, since 
dom4j is considerably more mature than JDOM and includes a number of 
performance optimizations.

  - Dennis

graham glass wrote:

>hi there,
>one new thing worth mentioning is that EXML+ 4.0, due out in a couple
>of weeks, includes native support for DOM. so in addition to the
>you now get native DOM compatability.
>after releasing EXML+ 4.0, we'll rerun the benchmarks using xerces 2.0
>and the latest version of DOM, and update the JDOM benchmark page.
>EXML+ 4.0 also includes transparent bidirectional serialization of Java
>objects to/from XML, Java persistence using XML, XML document pattern
>and many other goodies. it includes the source code for EXML and is free
>for most commercial uses.
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>I had a look in the mail archives from last year regarding this topic.
>Round about March Jason and Graham Glass (from the Mind Electric) did a bit
>of mudslinging.
>Graham said he would amend his page:
>Which he hasn't done.   I'm sure that JDOM has come quite a way in the last
>year and this page is even more out of date.   Has anyone done a benchmark?
>Are there big differences, apart from the constuction of the XML object? Has
>anyone used both and done a pro's and cons?
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