[jdom-interest] RE: Kevin Jones Example Schema Validation

Robertson, Jacob Jacob.Robertson at argushealth.com
Thu Feb 21 09:38:20 PST 2002

Hi Kevin,

I've been trying like crazy to get your example to work with the current
sources from cvs, and I keep running into a wall.  Rather than me try to
ask this mailing list to solve my problems for me, would it be possible
for you to throw together a comprehensive example that includes complete
(but brief) Java code, and some actual xml and xsd files (small
examples) that we can put on our local drives?  Something that is
guarranteed to run so everyone has a starting point.  Just post the
contents of the 3 files, along with where we should put them to make the
example work.


Jacob.Robertson at argushealth.com

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