[jdom-interest] RE: Kevin Jones Example Schema Validation

Kevin Jones kevinj at develop.com
Fri Feb 22 01:16:18 PST 2002

I sent Jacob an example privately, I've just added the example to my web

[1] http://kevinj.develop.com/jdom/validate.zip

Kevin Jones

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> Hi Kevin,
> I've been trying like crazy to get your example to work with 
> the current sources from cvs, and I keep running into a wall. 
>  Rather than me try to ask this mailing list to solve my 
> problems for me, would it be possible for you to throw 
> together a comprehensive example that includes complete (but 
> brief) Java code, and some actual xml and xsd files (small
> examples) that we can put on our local drives?  Something 
> that is guarranteed to run so everyone has a starting point.  
> Just post the contents of the 3 files, along with where we 
> should put them to make the example work.
> Thanks,
> Jacob.Robertson at argushealth.com 
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