[jdom-interest] Alternatives to the Schema 'textEntity' idea

Fred Clewis clewisf at us.ibm.com
Thu Feb 21 15:00:44 PST 2002

Sorry if this is not particularly JDOM related, but perhaps a JDOM feature
can help.

I have a situation where an applications users configure the application
via several xml files.  The values that the user would enter into the
various elements and attributes cry out for some kind of text substitution
facility that would allow common strings to be defined in one place.

The application has taken a turn towards schemas rather than DTDs so I
don't have the old parameter entity facility.  In addition,  hopes for
usage of the schemas 'textEntity' feature were dashed when I realized I was
looking at 1999 schema specs and it had been removed in 2001.

I realize that petty text substitution is frowned upon by XML purist, but
is there a mechanism for this?  Also, does the  JDOM entityResolver class
help here?

thanks for any ideas,
Fred Clewis

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