[jdom-interest] Suggestions for increasing speed of JDOM based app

Simon McLeish s.mcleish at lse.ac.uk
Tue Feb 26 04:29:45 PST 2002


I've recently developed an application which uses JDOM heavily - it 
traverses an XML document, matches a search string against certain text 
nodes using java.util.regex, and performs an XSL transformation to 
display the hit count in a hierarchy matching the original document. 
Unfortunately, this turns out to be quite slow as far as users are 
concerned (in some documents, there are thousands of nodes to check and 
a threaded search across all 30 of them takes about 70 seconds depending 
on the complexity of the search query), and I wondered if anyone has any 
suggestions which might help speed it up.

One option I've considered is using an ahead of time compiler to create 
a machine-specific binary, and any reports on experience with this. 
(Looking at the gcj home page makes me think that it's unlikely to be 
possible to do this for an app that uses JDOM, however.)

I'm assuming that people are likely to want to send generic responses 
rather than wade through the code, but if anyone wants to do that I'll 
happily send it to them.



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