[jdom-interest] Suggestions for increasing speed of JDOM based app

Dennis Sosnoski dms at sosnoski.com
Tue Feb 26 09:43:30 PST 2002

Beta 7 has a known performance problem in that it uses linked lists for 
returned lists. If you're iterating through a long list of children the 
time required is O(n^2).

I think this has changed in the current CVS version, so you if you've 
been using beta 7 you might want to try your program with the current 
CVS code before investigating further.

  - Dennis

Simon McLeish wrote:

>  Hi,
> I've recently developed an application which uses JDOM heavily - it 
> traverses an XML document, matches a search string against certain 
> text nodes using java.util.regex, and performs an XSL transformation 
> to display the hit count in a hierarchy matching the original 
> document. Unfortunately, this turns out to be quite slow as far as 
> users are concerned (in some documents, there are thousands of nodes 
> to check and a threaded search across all 30 of them takes about 70 
> seconds depending on the complexity of the search query), and I 
> wondered if anyone has any suggestions which might help speed it up.
> One option I've considered is using an ahead of time compiler to 
> create a machine-specific binary, and any reports on experience with 
> this. (Looking at the gcj home page makes me think that it's unlikely 
> to be possible to do this for an app that uses JDOM, however.)
> I'm assuming that people are likely to want to send generic responses 
> rather than wade through the code, but if anyone wants to do that I'll 
> happily send it to them.
> TIA,
> Simon
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