[jdom-interest] XML Problem

Sushil Dhadwal sushil.dhadwal at tatainfotech.com
Tue Jul 2 01:50:04 PDT 2002


I am using JDOM, but this Problem is XML Standards and not that of JDOM. If you can give some idea or links on this Problem that will be helpful.

My XML Document contains following line:

<company url="http://localhost:8080/company/com/CompanyDetails.jsp?symbols=ORCL&name=Oracle+Corporation" /> 

There is Problem at "name=" 

When I open the document using IE it reports an XML error saying  "A semi colon character was expected., Position 102" . 
What is the error and how can we pass URL with Query Strings in XML Documents?

I am reading in my application and downloading that JSP Page with Query String. But this XML Document is giving Problems.

Thanks & Regards,

Sushil Dhadwal,

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