[jdom-interest] XML Problem

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Wed Jul 3 07:36:54 PDT 2002

> <company url="http://localhost:8080/company/com/CompanyDetails.jsp?symbols=ORCL&name=Oracle+Corporation" /> 
> There is Problem at "name=" 
> When I open the document using IE it reports an XML error saying  "A semi colon character was expected., Position 102" . 
> What is the error and how can we pass URL with Query Strings in XML Documents?
> I am reading in my application and downloading that JSP Page with Query String. But this XML Document is giving Problems.

The ampersand introduces an entity, such as &amp; and &quot;, which must
end with a semi-colon.

So, replace the ampersand in your URL with &amp;

Ugly, sure.


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