[jdom-interest] XSLT output problems

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Mon Jul 22 04:27:40 PDT 2002


According to the XSL spec., the <xsl:ouput> directives only apply when the 
XSLT processor is doing the actual text outputting. When using JDOMResult, the 
XSLT processor output SAX events.


Polina R.Thompson wrote:
> I am using JDOM and Xalan to manipulate a source XML document format to 
> a different XML output format. I use XSL stylesheets to define the 
> output format. The data and element names transform correctly, but 
> xsl:output directions set in the stylesheet are completely ignored. 
> Somewhere in the creation of JDOMResult or in its getDocument() method, 
> that information is lost.
> I have a work around in place (where I retrieve the xsl:output 
> information from the stylesheet, and then manipulate the resulting 
> document, adding CDATA and setting DocType before the Document is 
> written to file) but I wanted to see if anyone could suggest a cleaner 
> solution.
> Thanks!

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