[jdom-interest] jdom and dom4j

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Tue Jun 18 21:14:05 PDT 2002

Legally we weren't allowed to progress JDOM as an open source JSR.  So
"Step 1" had to be to change that.  See
http://jakarta.apache.org/site/news.html#0326.1 for everything I've done
on that front as Apache's representative.

As of *tonight* we've finalized the legal agreement with Sun, and
Apache's chairman is signing the appropriate legal documents.  (You all
are the first non-Apache/non-Sun people to hear that.)

So now with that 10 hours per week obligation getting off my plate and
the legalese cleared away, we might actually make some progress as a


Sam wrote:
> I agree. The fact that the JSR has not moved an inch on the JCP
> page in a years time (Expert group is being formed) speaks for itslef.
> JSR's have known to be abandoned in the past... so I wouldnt put
> too much weight behind this.
> ./s

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