[jdom-interest] JDOM on a KVM

Mike Pask m.pask at videonetworks.com
Mon Mar 11 00:05:11 PST 2002

I am currently designing a system to run under CLDC (KVM) with 4Mb. I would
like to use XML as the data source as this will give the maximum of
flexibility. I was wondering if JDOM had been tested on such a platform,
what extra is required etc.
If not then are is anything available which could help  me in terms of
memory usage etc. I intend to keep the documents small. I believe they will
be  < 10k.
At present I am thinking that I might need to build my own simple string
parser, to simulate a full JDOM, keeping my documents as a subset of XML,
eg. no attributes etc.
Any advise would be appreciated

Mike Pask
Senior Service Architect
Video Networks
m.pask at videonetworks.com

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