[jdom-interest] JDOM Beta 8, Release Candidate #1

Jason Hunter jhunter at jdom.org
Mon Mar 11 17:08:10 PST 2002

I just posted to http://jdom.org the first JDOM Beta 8 release
candidate.  The list of improvements over Beta7 (as recorded in
CHANGES.txt) is astounding.  Among the top items:

Dramatically improved the List implementation.
Added the notion of a content "filter".
Made the input and output classes more robust and reliable.
Added support for DTD internal subsets.
Finalized the EntityRef architecture.
Added support for attribute "types" (not yet available in DOM).
Incorporated the Text class to help XPath implementations.
Upgraded the Xerces and Crimson parsers.

This isn't the final Beta8 release.  It's intended for people to upgrade
against so they can identify any showstopper issues before the formal b8
release.  If your product uses JDOM, I strongly encourage you to get the
RC1 and test against it.  That way we can find any problems that affect
you now and not after release.  Please report bugs to jdom-interest.


I also have added a Weblog to my Servlets.com site, with a JDOM
category.  It will contain news and thoughts that aren't quite worth the
long process necessary to add something to the official JDOM site.  It
will be especially useful for people who aren't on the jdom-interest
mailing list.  If you want to follow along:


The first topic is a JavaOne gathering.


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