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Dennis Sosnoski dms at sosnoski.com
Tue Mar 12 09:08:32 PST 2002

The SAX specification says that parser instances are reusable: 
"Once a parse is complete, an application may reuse the same XMLReader 
object, possibly with a different input source."

  - Dennis

Alex Rosen wrote:

>If we're sure that all parser support being reused (or are supposed to
>support it), then it does seem like a good idea. Doing a quick search, I
>found that the original (i.e. very old) IBM4J parser says this about its
>parsing methods: "Once this method is invoked, the parser instance is of no
>further use, and should NOT be reused." I don't know about newer parsers.
>The JAXP spec doesn't say one way or the other...
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>>You can subclass SAXBuilder and override the createParser
>>method to only
>>create a parser the first time through. That's probably the simplest
>>solution to get reusability (though I haven't looked into
>>whether there
>>might be other issues).
>>It seems like this is a reasonable thing for SAXBuilder to do by
>>default, though. Is there any reason you'd want the code to
>>always build
>>a new parser? I can't think of any.
>>  - Dennis

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