[jdom-interest] printAdditionalNamespaces() in XMLOutputter

Keith M. Hughes sw at hideho.org
Fri Nov 15 19:43:47 PST 2002


I am using JDOm for a Web publishing system that I am writing. JDOM is a 
great package and has made my life much easier and I am trying to use it 
to make my life even easier.

I want to have an XML outputter with functionality something like the 
XSLT exclude-result-prefixes attribute. I want to be able to tell the 
outputter that various namespaces should not be included in the output 
of the outputter and refer to those namespaces by their prefix. I have 
modified the XMLOutputter class supplied with JDOM, but want a solution 
that won't break everytime I download a new version of JDOM when I 
forget to apply my patch.

The easiest solution would be to make the routine 
XMLOutputter.printAdditionalNamespaces() protected rather than private. 
Then I can override the method in a subclass and still use most of the 
XMLOutputter methods as-is.

Is there a better way to do this? Is it asking too much to have the 
method changed from private to protected?

Thanks for your time,

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