[jdom-interest] RE: [Fwd: javasoft bug report that shows up in using JDOM]

manos laliotis laliotis at eml.cc
Thu Nov 21 02:08:31 PST 2002

We've really been hit by this behavior of b8 with 1.4.1, however I am a bit reluctant to replace b8 with the current CVS snapshot. Is there a safer approach, like, patching b8 only with the parts of the code related to the altered StringBuffer behavior? In case the code affected is relatively isolated, can somebody show me where it is in order to examine it?


Spencer, Dave wrote:

>Jason - no we have not tried the latest 
>CVS checkout - we are using the "1.0beta8-dev"
>version.  Behavior would be expected to fail
>the same way unless StringBuffer, and possibly
>the SB.toString() calls changed...(as per the
>javasoft bug rep).
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>Thanks to Dave for pointing out that JDK 1.4.1 has StringBuffer
>problems.  Dave, have you checked if the the CVS code has the same
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