[jdom-interest] Converting Java Objects to XML

Jeff Martin jeff at reportmill.com
Fri Oct 11 15:35:30 PDT 2002

No, not the same behavior, but a snapshot of the results of that 
behavior. You might call it "flattened behavior". :-)


On Friday, October 11, 2002, at 05:23  PM, Frank Sauer wrote:

> but you mentioned this:
>> into an application that doesn't have access to the original classes.
> So what you tell me is, that with just an XML file I get from you
> and no classes that are being represented by your data, I can get
> instances of the objects represented in your XML with the same
> behavior they had when you created the XML representation?
> how does that work?
> The only way that might work is by including a Base64 encoded
> bytearray with all the bytecodes and a custom class loader.....

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