[jdom-interest] Filter visibility

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Thu Feb 19 13:06:48 PST 2004

Bradley S. Huffman wrote:

>>Is there a reason why AndFilter, OrFilter, and NegateFilter aren't public?
> Is there any reason why they should be? Since all filters so far extend
> AbstractFilter there functionality is avialable through the and, or, negate
> methods (FYI, this is one use case where I actually like method chaining :-)
> Brad

Hmm, it comes down to: when will I write a filter that implements Filter 
intsead of extending AbstractFilter.  Ever?  If there's no such case, 
why have the Filter/AbstractFilter breakout?  And if there is such a 
case, wouldn't I want to be able to do the and/or/negate combinations?

This doesn't really matter overly much, just curious.


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