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Jeremy Whitlock jwhitlock at starprecision.com
Tue Jan 20 07:39:58 PST 2004

	I agree that something is up but no matter what text editor I
open it with, the extra lines are there.  Here are some links of
interest with my XML before and after and the source that is reading it
in and then directly saving it out:


I also have a picture of what an XML Editor sees when I load the saved
XML into it:

I have tried many different approaches but to no avail.  Take a look at
the links and let me know what route to go next.  Thanks, Jeremy

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I suspect you have a line ending issue here involving the difference 
between linefeeds, and carriage return linefeed pairs or some such. 
Can you look at the output byte-by-byte? That is, do not translate it 
into text.  When you say you have two line endings, how are they 
actually represented?

This may well be a case where the texxt editor or other tool you're 
using to view the output is misinforming about what's really there.

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