[jdom-interest] Java 5.0 JDOM Plans?

Tim Halloran hallorant at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 18:36:16 PDT 2005

Forgive me if this has been described...but after a few mailing list
searches and some looking around the web pages it has eluded me.  I'm
wondering what the plans are for transition of the JDOM library to Java
5.0?  Not just compatibility--that works today--but full incorporation
of the new language features.

Specifically, the use of parameterized collections, covariant return
types, and annotations (@Override in the source code).  JDOM is my
favorite XML library for Java and I'd like to have a version that used
all the features of the Java 5 language...without warnings in my code
and the library code.  I'm also willing to help out and do some of the
work, e.g., creating patches to the CVS code, adding to the tests, etc.

However, patches to "src/java" might be a very bad idea.  Creating a
"src/java5" might be better...limiting all code in "src/java" to
maintain strict backwards compatibility.

I'm willing to help...and am pretty good with Java (I'm a researcher on
the CMU Fluid project and was a reviewer on Josh Bloch's and Neil
Gafter's cool new Java Puzzle book :-) but need some pointers on how to
do effective technical work and to provide the inputs to the folks in
charge of this project.

Oh and since this is my first post--this library ROCKS--making simple
tasks in XML simple not a chore.


Tim Halloran

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