Uses of Class

Packages that use CDATA
org.jdom Classes to represent the components of an XML document. 
org.jdom.output Classes to output JDOM documents to various destinations. 

Uses of CDATA in org.jdom

Methods in org.jdom that return CDATA
 CDATA UncheckedJDOMFactory.cdata(java.lang.String str)
 CDATA JDOMFactory.cdata(java.lang.String str)
          This creates the CDATA with the supplied text.
 CDATA DefaultJDOMFactory.cdata(java.lang.String text)

Uses of CDATA in org.jdom.output

Methods in org.jdom.output with parameters of type CDATA
 void XMLOutputter.output(CDATA cdata, java.io.OutputStream out)
          Print out a CDATA node.
 void XMLOutputter.output(CDATA cdata, java.io.Writer out)
          Print out a CDATA node.
 java.lang.String XMLOutputter.outputString(CDATA cdata)
          Return a string representing a CDATA node.
protected  void XMLOutputter.printCDATA(java.io.Writer out, CDATA cdata)
          This will handle printing of CDATA text.


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