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Packages that use Content
org.jdom Classes to represent the components of an XML document. 
org.jdom.output Classes to output JDOM documents to various destinations. 

Uses of Content in org.jdom

Subclasses of Content in org.jdom
 class CDATA
          An XML CDATA section.
 class Comment
          An XML comment.
 class DocType
          An XML DOCTYPE declaration.
 class Element
          An XML element.
 class EntityRef
          An XML entity reference.
 class ProcessingInstruction
          An XML processing instruction.
 class Text
          Character-based XML content.

Methods in org.jdom that return Content
 Content Content.detach()
          Detaches this child from its parent or does nothing if the child has no parent.
 Content Parent.getContent(int index)
          Returns the child at the given index.
 Content Element.getContent(int index)
 Content Document.getContent(int index)
 Content Parent.removeContent(int index)
          Removes and returns the child at the given index, or returns null if there's no such child.
 Content Element.removeContent(int index)
 Content Document.removeContent(int index)
protected  Content Content.setParent(Parent parent)
          Sets the parent of this Content.

Methods in org.jdom with parameters of type Content
 Element Element.addContent(Content child)
          Appends the child to the end of the element's content list.
 Document Document.addContent(Content child)
          Appends the child to the end of the content list.
 Element Element.addContent(int index, Content child)
          Inserts the child into the content list at the given index.
 Document Document.addContent(int index, Content child)
          Inserts the child into the content list at the given index.
 void UncheckedJDOMFactory.addContent(Parent parent, Content child)
 void JDOMFactory.addContent(Parent parent, Content content)
 void DefaultJDOMFactory.addContent(Parent parent, Content child)
 int Parent.indexOf(Content child)
          Returns the index of the supplied child in the content list, or -1 if not a child of this parent.
 int Element.indexOf(Content child)
 int Document.indexOf(Content child)
 boolean Parent.removeContent(Content child)
          Removes a single child node from the content list.
 boolean Element.removeContent(Content child)
 boolean Document.removeContent(Content child)
 Element Element.setContent(Content child)
          Set this element's content to be the supplied child.
 Document Document.setContent(Content child)
          Set this document's content to be the supplied child.
 Element Element.setContent(int index, Content child)
          Replace the current child the given index with the supplied child.
 Document Document.setContent(int index, Content child)

Uses of Content in org.jdom.output

Methods in org.jdom.output with parameters of type Content
 void SAXOutputter.outputFragment(Content node)
          This will output a single JDOM nodes as a fragment of an XML document, firing off the SAX events that have been registered.


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