Uses of Interface

Packages that use Parent
org.jdom Classes to represent the components of an XML document. 

Uses of Parent in org.jdom

Classes in org.jdom that implement Parent
 class Document
          An XML document.
 class Element
          An XML element.

Fields in org.jdom declared as Parent
protected  Parent Content.parent

Methods in org.jdom that return Parent
 Parent Parent.getParent()
          Return this parent's parent, or null if this parent is currently not attached to another parent.
 Parent Document.getParent()
 Parent Content.getParent()
          Return this child's parent, or null if this child is currently not attached.
 Parent Element.setContent(int index, java.util.Collection newContent)
          Replace the child at the given index whith the supplied collection.

Methods in org.jdom with parameters of type Parent
 void UncheckedJDOMFactory.addContent(Parent parent, Content child)
 void JDOMFactory.addContent(Parent parent, Content content)
 void DefaultJDOMFactory.addContent(Parent parent, Content child)
protected  Content Content.setParent(Parent parent)
          Sets the parent of this Content.


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