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Packages that use DefaultJDOMFactory
org.jdom2 Classes representing the components of an XML document. 
org.jdom2.located Extended JDOM Content Classes that contain location coordinates. 

Uses of DefaultJDOMFactory in org.jdom2

Subclasses of DefaultJDOMFactory in org.jdom2
 class SlimJDOMFactory
          This JDOMFactory instance reduces the amount of memory used by JDOM content.
 class UncheckedJDOMFactory
          Special factory for building documents without any content or structure checking.

Uses of DefaultJDOMFactory in org.jdom2.located

Subclasses of DefaultJDOMFactory in org.jdom2.located
 class LocatedJDOMFactory
          All Content instances (Element, Comment, CDATA, DocType, Text, EntityRef, and ProcessingInstruction) will implement Located, and will have the values set appropriately.


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