[jdom-interest] Have you had success with JDOM?

Frank Kmiec kmiec at inil.com
Tue Jan 23 13:01:26 PST 2001

Unfortunately, I'm at the same stage you are ... having convinced my manager
to adopt JDOM, but still having to defend it. All I can offer is what I will
be using to bolster my own argument:  JDOM integrates with java applications
better (primarily because of the Collections support), is easier to learn
for new developers, is lighter weight, is open source and therefore
extensible and modifiable, and from what I have read is currently in process
to become a Java standard extension. Finally, there are some very cool
features in the offing, such as built-in XPath support.

Hope that helps.


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> I am a development lead on a project that will be relying heavily on XML.
> We have chosen JDOM as our API for working with XML, however management is
> full of questions about the fact that it is still beta, unsupported, etc..
> I'm sure many of you have encountered this before.
> I would like to hear from those of you that have already used JDOM in a
> production environment.  I need to harvest your opinions, anecdotes,
> mistakes and disasters so that I can reassure our management that we are,
> fact, on the right path.
> I would appreciate it if you were willing to talk with one of our managers
> about JDOM, but it is certainly not a requirement.
> Please post your stories to the list so that others may benefit from them
> well.  If you have already posted a story, please forward a reference to
> that posting.
> Thank you very much!
> Cyrus J. Kalbrener
> Nistevo
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