[jdom-interest] Lightweight JDOM? (again)

Barry Burd Barry at Burd.org
Mon Feb 18 11:03:14 PST 2002

I've searched the archives, and I can't find answers to my specific
questions about JDOM's lightweightness.

I've read that "injects more XML semantics into the tree than does DOM.  To
DOM, everything is Node.  To JDOM, you have Attribute, Element, and
Namespace nodes." How does that make JDOM more lightweight than DOM?

I've read that, with JDOM "an XML document can be seen as a whole, and any
member of that document is available at any time." Does this mean that, with
DOM, any member of a document isn't available at any time? If so, can you
clarify? To reach a deeply nested node in a DOM tree, you have to start at
the top, and go through various descendent nodes. Do you not have to do with
with JDOM?

I think I've read that DOM requires you to have the entire document in
memory all at once, but JDOM can have pieces of the document in memory at
once (and yet maintain a global view of the document). If this is the case,
how does JDOM achieve this where DOM does not?

Thank you.

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